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Contrasting Debussy and Ravel: A stylistic analysis of selected piano works and "Ondine"3607
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Hong Kong MTR Sign, Central Ferry Pier. Exit. Exchange Square III, One IFC, The Center. IFC Mall. For detailed street directions at station lobby.2082
Natural Associativity and Commutativity2068
Liminal to Liminoid, in Play, Flow, and Ritual: An Essay in Comparative Symbology1531
Quantum Spinor Gases: Universal Relations, Strong Interactions and Machine Learning Investigations1497
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Mesoscale Models for the Study of Emergent Behaviors Arising from Protein Interactions1384
Engineering Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels to Enable Ex Vivo 3D Culture of Patient Derived Xenografts and Associated Stroma in a Perfusable Microfluidic Platform1360