Letter from Angel Navarro to J. Jose Maria Valdez, February 16, 1835, Goliad, Bexar [Translation]

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Navarro, Angel, Carta de Angel Navarro a J. Maria Valdes, 12 de febrero 1835, Goliad, Bejar (February 12, 1835)

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Title: Letter from Angel Navarro to J. Jose Maria Valdez, February 16, 1835, Goliad, Bexar [Translation]
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Author: Navarro, Angel
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Description: Defending the land claim of a widow, and condemning the “scandalous attempt” to disposes her of her lands. 2 pp. handwritten
Source(s): Navarro, Angel, Carta de Angel Navarro a J. Maria Valdes, 12 de febrero 1835, Goliad, Bejar (February 12, 1835)
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February 16, 1835. J. Jose Maria Valdez:[Illegible: Gerad.l] [Illegible: Santor.] [Illegible: ..ño]

The political chief in office on the date of Feb. 12 [...] to this illustrious city council the following: I forward the following request along with another that accompanies it and forms a file of four useful sheets that have been [...] to this Office by the Widow of the late D.don Nicolas Carabajal of this neighborhood, complaining that Commissioner D.don Jose Jesus Vidaurri’s attributions have disposed her of territory that she rightfully owned and [Illegible: later] possessed [...] with the just title of ownership authorized by a committee member of the supreme government [...] of any commissioner’s means of qualifying the validity of a public document on his own, and much less the titles of ownership issued by the government’s [Illegible: urgent] respectives, [...] aggravating circumstances of this [...] by repeated orders, that do not [...] Mexican possessions of the [Illegible: Passan and Huerta] District, as is more clearly ordered again in article 3 of the Aug. 23 supreme order of the previous year, 1834. This is, without a doubt, a scandalous affront, if the dispossession verified with the mentioned Widow, if her presentation with this objective is accurate, and so as to contain it since the first abuses that could have been prejudicially committed or could be committed against the citizens, and not to mention the laws; in accordance with superior orders, Your Excellency will inform me in careful and minute detail whether or not the [Illegible: complaining] Widow has a legal title of ownership, whether or not she showed these documents to the commissioner, and which were the causes that motivated her, as well as other inhabitants’, dispossession? Who was this inflicted on and which [...] : with this objective [...] Your Excellency [...] of^

[Transcriber's Note: written along left margin:]

ˆthose interested that have been the foundation on which similar procedures were based. And Your Excellency will pass on all documentation to this City Council for the [...] rulings, making sure that the mentioned widow and the farm land that she [Illegible: defends] are not embarrassed publicly by any means. God and Liberty BejarRegularized:Bexar Feb. 17, 835Regularized:1835. Angel Navarro: Illustrious City Council of Goliad


The political chief in office on Feb. 12, among you [...] [Transcriber's Note: inserted between lines:] finds it fit to speak before this city’s Illustrious Council.

He told me the following, directing a request to Your Excellency along with another one that forms a file of four useful sheets that have been [...] to this Office by the Widow of the late D.don Nicolas Carabajal, making sure that the mentioned widow and the farm land she defends are not embarrassed publicly by any means : God and Liberty: In view of these dispossessions that I transfer over to you by the demands of the Department Headquarters and corroborants of property law that affects the widow and heirs to Nicolas Carabajal’s farm, who, before ^this^ Illustrious Corporation have proved, with legal documents issued by the Supreme Government of the State, the concession and possession of the land, which they have owned and farmed since the year 21Regularized:1821, a publicly known fact; consequently, this Illustrious corporation sends you all the authority of your commission so that upon the receipt of this official order you recognize the other’s land, which you reported to the Commissioner of Mr. Parrea’s company, regarding the property of D.doña Dolores Saens and heirs, who are the rightful owners and have rule, dominion, and right and just authority over the mentioned land. For your information which at least [...] [...] of trees or some providence so that you may authorize the particular dominion in her favor regarding that land will remain subject to a tribunal and the corresponding fault will be ceded to the claim made by the parties [...] and the title testimony that you have acquired from Commissioner Vidaurri will be suspended while the Supreme Government of the State expediently upholds justice and resolves the claim made by D.doña Dolores Saens and heirs to Nicolas Carabajal’s farm: God and Liberty.

[Transcriber's Note: written along left margin:]

ˇNot forgetting that the [...] who possess and farm the site that that is included on the left part of the [Illegible: bear] path that they legally prefer.

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