Letter from José Maria Falcon, March 23, 1831, Goliad, Bexar [Translation]

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Folcon, José Maria, Carta de José Maria Falcon, 23 de marzo 1831, Goliad, Bejar (March 23, 1831)

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Title: Letter from José Maria Falcon, March 23, 1831, Goliad, Bexar [Translation]
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Author: Folcon, José Maria
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Description: Asking for various reforms to be enacted. 1p. Handwritten
Source(s): Folcon, José Maria, Carta de José Maria Falcon, 23 de marzo 1831, Goliad, Bejar (March 23, 1831)
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The Political Chief in office on the 10th of the current has dictated the following to me = The following account has been examined=
[...] to you [...] to be have been the Depositary of the previous year’s funds, so that the C.Citizen who acted as Mayor [...] of this the term with your post, complaisantly hopes that your Excellency will hasten the reform of the documented account that is attached; and after this is concluded and conforms to what is advised in the inserted order, that you will deign to place it in my hands so that I may provide, with brevity, the corresponding course.

God and Liberty. Goliad March 23, 831Regularized:1831.
C.Citizen Jose Ma.Maria Falcon, Doyen Councilman of the previous year


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