List of those who fell in the Alamo, March 6, 1836 [Digital Version]

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Osterhout, Paul, 1859-1944, List of those who fell in the Alamo, March 6, 1836 (undated, but post 1836)

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Title: List of those who fell in the Alamo, March 6, 1836 [Digital Version]
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Author: Osterhout, Paul, 1859-1944
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Description: 4 page list of names, rank, place of birth, of those who died at the Alamo (handwritten)
Source(s): Osterhout, Paul, 1859-1944, List of those who fell in the Alamo, March 6, 1836 (undated, but post 1836)
Source Identifier: Osterhout Family Papers, MS 355, Box 4 folder 7 item 2, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University
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  • Texas (state)

W.William Barret Travis Lt. ColLieutenant Colonel [Illegible: Ipd]
James Bowie “ “
J.Joseph Washington
John H.Hubbard Forsyth Capt.Captain NNew York
Wm.William Blazeby Leve Louisiana
Wm.William B. Harrison [Illegible: Ipd] Tennesse
Wm.William CCharles M Baker MisoMissouri
S.Samuel B. Evans
Wm.William R. Carey Leve Texas
S.Samuel C. Blair
Gilmore TennTennesse
Robt.Robert White
John Davis Lieutenant [Illegible: Ipd] N.O.New Orleans GraysRegularized:Greys
J.JohnG. Baugh AdjtAdjutant Leve
Robt.Robert Evans Appt. Ord Appointed Ordnance chief [Illegible: Ipd] [Illegible: Justine Constartion Ado]
H.J.Hiram HamesWilliamsRegularized:Williamson Sgt MajSergeant Major [Illegible: Moses Evans Admr]
Charles DespalierRegularized:Despallier Adjt Adjunctto Travis [Illegible: Cashanic Admr]
Eliel Melton Lt.Lieutenant & 2 M. Leve
Pat H.Patrick Henry AndersonRegularized:Herndon [Illegible: Ipd]
Burnell “ Leur
E.Edward F. MitchisonRegularized:Mitchusson Surgeon [Illegible: Ipd]
Amos Pollard [Illegible: Atty of Hriss]
Thompson [Illegible: Leve]
Green B. JamisonRegularized:Jameson Ensign [Illegible: Ipd] J. De Cordova
David Crockett Private [Illegible: Ipd] Tenn Forester Admo

Edward Nelson [Illegible: Ipd] S.C.South Carolina Ferguson Admr
Nelson Lem Texas
W.William H. Smith [Illegible: Ipd] Nacogdoches
Lewis Johnson Trinity, J De Cordova Admd
E.Edwin P.Regularized:T. Mitchell [Illegible: Lem] Georgia
F.FrancisT.Regularized:L. DesanqueRegularized:DeSauque PhiladaPhiladelphia
Jo.Joseph Washington TennTennessee Atty of Hun
J.John M. Thruston Ky.Kentucky, A. T. Thruston Admn
R.Robert B. Moore To His Mother
Christopher A.Adams Parker NathchesRegularized:Nathchez Misp,Mississippi, WmWilliam Parker EsqEsquire
C.Charles Heiskell J. De Cordova Admin
Rose Leve Nacogdoches
John Blair [Illegible: Ipd] “ Wm. Blair Aty
David Wilson J. De Cordova Ad
John M. Hays Leve TennTennessee
W. D.William DePriest SoutherlandRegularized:Sutherland Ipd Navidad G. SoutherlandRegularized:Sutherland Atty
Dr. Wm.William Howell New Orleans J. De Cordova
Butler Leve
Charles Smith
McGregor Scotland
Hawkins Ireland
Smith PhiladaPhiladelphia
Wm.William H. [Illegible: Brown]
[Illegible: Kidison]

Wm.William Wells Tenn
Wm.William Cummings PennPennsylvania
R.Richard W ValentineRegularized:Ballentine
SSamuel HallowayRegularized:Holloway
Isaac White
RobtRobert Mullman New Orleans
RobtRobert Crossman “ “
J. G.James Girard Garrett England
James Dimpkins
RobtRobert B. Moore N.New Orleans
WmWilliam. LynnRegularized:Linn Boston
WmWilliam. Johnson Philda.Philadelphia
Geo.George Tumlinson
WmWilliam. DeardoffRegularized:Dearduff
Samuel Bourne England
Lewis Wales
Charles Zanco Denmark
James Ewing
RobtRobert Cunningham
George NegginsRegularized:Neggan
J.James B. Bonham S.C.South Carolina
Robinson Scotland

Alamo Dead

Harris KyKentucky
John Flanders
Isaac Ryan, Jr ApelousasRegularized:Opelousas LaLouisiana
Jackson Ireland
AlmironRegularized:Almaron Dickinson LtLieutenant Gonzales Texas
GeoGeorge C. Kimbell “ “
James George “ “
Dolphin Floyd “ “
Thomas Jackson “ “
DurstRegularized:Darst “ “
G. W. George WashingtonCottle “ “
Andrew Kent “ “
ThosThomas R. Miller “ “
Isaac Baker “ “
WmWilliam King “ “
Jesse McKoy “ “
Claiborne Wright “ “
WmWilliam FishbackRegularized:Fishbaugh “ “
MillappsRegularized:Milsaps “ “
Galba FuguaRegularized:Fuqua “ “
John Davis “” “
Albert Martin “ “
Stockton VaVirginia[Illegible: dark to disurge]

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Date: 2010-06-07
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