Letter from Braxton Bragg to my dear Governor, July 25, 1861 [Digital Version]

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Bragg, Braxton, 1817-1876, Letter from Braxton Bragg to my dear Governor, July 25, 1861 (July 25, 1861)

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Title: Letter from Braxton Bragg to my dear Governor, July 25, 1861 [Digital Version]
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Author: Bragg, Braxton, 1817-1876
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Source(s): Bragg, Braxton, 1817-1876, Letter from Braxton Bragg to my dear Governor, July 25, 1861 (July 25, 1861)
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My dear Governor,

I send my aid-de-camp,
Lieut.Lieutenant Towson Ellis, to see you on the subject
of the guns about which I telegraphed
you. The guns of which I speak were part
of the armament of Col.Colonel Walton's comd.command
when I inspected it last [...] . Old Spanish
9 12 pdrpounder bored out to 12 0. And the 24 pdrpounder
Howitzer I learn is at Baton Rouge.

If you spare me these guns, and
any [Illegible: caissons] not in use, they will add
very materially to my strength. I would
also like to get any [Illegible: Harness] & equipments
of any pattern.

I would not make a call on Louisiana,
Governor, for anything she had or needed
for her defenses, but I am satisified
my success here is necessary to that defense.
Preparations are making by the enermy
for a fall campaign against the
whole south, and the possession of this
Harbor is a great desideratum to them.
As soon as they feel able a vigorous

offensive more will no doubt be made.
All of our gulf states should be pre-
for the contest. And we find
we must to a great extent rely upon
our own resources. Our government
has its hands full in Richmond.

We must soon look for stormy weather
to blow the enemy's fleets from their
moorings. Could you not then secure
some of your tow boats to the lakes
to be armed as gun boats. They
are strong and would make as good
gun boats as the enemy can get. I
can send you guns to arm them. You
can easily make carriages. They are
not naval guns but will answer ad-

We cannot attack Fort Pickens with the
force we have, and the government is
[...] can give us no more. The glorious
victory at Manassas makes us restless, but
it is our fate & we must remain. Your
splendid Regiment is still improving.

Yours Most Truly,

Braxton Bragg
T.Thomas O. Moore
La.Louisiana GovGovernor

Genl.General B.Braxton Bragg.
25 July 1861
recdreceived 1st July 1861

Rice University
Date: 2010-06-07
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