Letter from Sir John William Philips Marshall at Portsmouth, London to William Phillips Esq., Portsmouth, London [Digital Version]

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Marshall, John William Phillips, Sir, 1785-1850, Letter from Sir John William Philips Marshall at Portsmouth, London to William Phillips Esq., Portsmouth, London (April 18, 1813)

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Title: Letter from Sir John William Philips Marshall at Portsmouth, London to William Phillips Esq., Portsmouth, London [Digital Version]
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Author: Marshall, John William Phillips, Sir, 1785-1850
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Source(s): Marshall, John William Phillips, Sir, 1785-1850, Letter from Sir John William Philips Marshall at Portsmouth, London to William Phillips Esq., Portsmouth, London (April 18, 1813)
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My dear Sir,

I am very happy to inform you of my arrival in this town late last night. I
wrote you at some length from on board the Mercury Cartel. I should proceed immediately
to town, as I am very anxious to see you & my friends, but fear circumstances
will deprive me of that happiness, till the latter end of the week, or at all events till
Thursday. It will be necessary for me to see my luggage landed, it being required
to sent it to the Custom House for Inspection. This could not be done earlier than to-
, & will occupy the whole of the day. it will be requisite for me to attend
the Court Martial, that will be instituted to enquire into the particulars of the
loss of H.M.S. Late Ship Java. This will take place either on Tuesday or Wednesday
as Sir RichdRichard Bickerton informs me. I having called on him to pay my respects.
He informs me of the Genl. having recently paid Portsmouth a visit. I should like to
have found him here now. I cannot venture a syllable on my future operations,
they depending so entirely on my being exchanged; however that & other matter
I must leave for discussion till we meet. I cannot think of requesting you to
leave your more important concerns, or I might have been induced to solicit
you to have taken a trip down here. If it could have been continued without any
personal inconvenience to you, as otherwise I could not think of requiring that
meeting which must convey such pleasure to me. I should have been in-
to leave this for town this evening but the mail being full, & my being
necessitated to return hither had led me to relinquish my design. By this post
I forward letters to Lord Melville, Mr. Croker, Col. Mehiahen & Mrs. McMahan. I
am rather uneasy about the propriety of so doing, & could have much desired


your advice, but the delay that such an interval would take up, made me fear
it would have been then altogether inexpedient. I have therefore enclosed you
copies requesting your judgment on the propriety of the proceeding, also a copy
of my parole, thinking you may find it interesting, I trust this may find you
& all my Friends in Town well. Pray give my most affectionate regards to the
Genl. & Mrs. Wilder, Geo & Jane. Love to all the children, & kind remembrances to
all Friends. H. M. S. Bonne Citoyenne arrived at this Port at the same instant
of time as ourselves, she brings £300,000 in Bullion. I will write to you again by
tomorrow’s post & hope for the pleasure of hearing you are all well by Tuesday
morning’s post. I shall write this evening to my Revd Friend at Eling. I have
brought home a very fine milch goat, which I think of requesting him to take
care of for me, unless you may want such an arrival in Town, she is very
abundant in milk & perfectly _ _ _ if you have any use for her God bless you

& Believe me to _ _ my dear Sir Ever your affectionate & grateful.
Jho. W. P. Marshall
Willm Phillips Esq

I will thank you to forward the enclosed with cover by the earliest post to Norfolk.
(addressed to)
Major General Wilder M.P.
23 Grosvenor Place

Rice University
Date: 2010-06-07
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