Letter from Jefferson Davis to Gov. Thomas O. Moore, Sept. 29, 1862 [Digital Version]

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Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889, Letter from Jefferson Davis to Gov. Thomas O. Moore, Sept. 29, 1862 (September 29, 1862)

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Title: Letter from Jefferson Davis to Gov. Thomas O. Moore, Sept. 29, 1862 [Digital Version]
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Author: Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889
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Description: 3 handwritten pages. (photocopy, original in Box 4)
Source(s): Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889, Letter from Jefferson Davis to Gov. Thomas O. Moore, Sept. 29, 1862 (September 29, 1862)
Source Identifier: Kuntz Louisiana Civil War Collection, MS 256, Box 1 folder 53, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University
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  • Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889--Correspondence
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  • Virginia (state)
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His Excellency
Thomas O. Moore
Governor of La.Regularized:Louisiana

Dear Sir

I have been gratified to receive
your friendly letter of 12th inst.instant and
now enclose in conformity with your
request the orevious letter of 23d July.
I must acknowledge that our
correspondence prior tRegularized:to your letter
of 23d July was conducted in so cordial
a spirit that I was quite unprepared
for so marked a change in its
tone; but a moment’s reflection
satisfied me that the letter was written
under some such impulse as that
described in yours of 12th inst.instant and
it affords me pleasure to receive the
assurance from you that I was not


I learn with surprise that you have
not yet received the arms intercepted
by General Van Dorn. I have orders
some months ago for their immediate
return, and feel sure that they were
sent; but the difficulties of communica-
which embarrass our operations
are very great, and I shall take
measures tRegularized:to ensure your receipt of

An official dispatch from
General Taylor bears warm testimony
to the earnest and zealous co-operation
which he is receiving from you and
your subordinate officers in the defenceRegularized:defense
of the State, and I beg your to receive
my acknowledgments and to believe
that you cannot more earnestly
desire than I do the speedy repulsion
of the invaders from the soil of
Louisiana. I am taking further
measures which I hope soon
tRegularized:to have the pleasure of com-
tRegularized:to you with a [Illegible: a tecico]


to expedite this result.

Very respectfully,
your friend + fellow citizen

Jefferson Davis


Jeff. Davis.
Prest. Conf. Regularized:President Confederate States
29th SeptRegularized:September 1862

Rice University
Date: 2010-06-07
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