Annual Efficiency Report on Consular Subordinates [Digital Version]

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Osterhout, Paul, 1859-1944 and Dreher, Julius D. (Julius Daniel), Annual Efficiency Report on Consular Subordinates (September 7, 1917)

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Title: Annual Efficiency Report on Consular Subordinates [Digital Version]
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  • Osterhout, Paul, 1859-1944
  • Dreher, Julius D. (Julius Daniel)
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Description: 1 page regarding Paul Osterhout, form sent by Consul Julius De. Dreher, Colon, Panama
Source(s): Osterhout, Paul, 1859-1944 and Dreher, Julius D. (Julius Daniel), Annual Efficiency Report on Consular Subordinates (September 7, 1917)
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September 7, 1917, Consul Julius D. Dreher, Colon, Panama, sent me
a Form to be filled out. There was no number to it, but it said to see
General Instructions No. 525, but this Circular Instructions was not sent.

The Form is entitled


Consulate ......... at .........

Name? Ans. Paul Osterhout.

Born (give date and place)? Ans. November 27, 1859, Bellville, Austin Co., Tex.

Position? (Not to be answered) Compensation? Fees. Not to exceed $1,000.00
per Annum.

Previous posts, and positions thereat? (Not to be answered) Consul Dreher
made a pencil note "None in service, I believe".

Nature of duties performed at present post? (Not to be answered)

Nationality. If American, give State of legal residence; if foreigner, of
what country citizen or subject? Ans. American, legal residence
Belton, Bell Co., Texas.

Family. Married or single. If married, give nationality of wife prior to
marriage. Number of children, if any, and their ages?

Ans. Married. Wife born May Frear, Factoryville, Wyoming Co., Pa.,
American. No children.

Name and address of nearest relative in United States? Ans. Sister, Mrs.
C. B. Wade, Belton, Bell Co., Texas.

Physical condition? Ans. Good. Passed physical examination for the Panama Canal
less than one year ago.

Is he (or she) a stenographer and typewriter? Ans. No.

Would he serve more effectively at some other post? If so, why?
(Not to be answered)

Report fully concerning character, habits, standing, appearance, intelligence,
neatness, attitude to callers, interest in work, alertness, adaptability,
and service spirit.? (Not to be answered)

Diligence, willingness and capacity for work. Report carefully on these
points, bearing in mind that a man's value to the Service depends
very largely thereon? (Not to be answered)

Give rating: Excellent, Good, fair, or poor.

American Consul.

Rice University
Date: 2010-06-07
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