Resolutions of the General Assembly of New Hampshire: In favor of the annexation of Texas, and of maintaining the rights of the United States over the Territory of Oregon: 28th Congress, Second Session: [No.] 22 [Senate] [Digital Version]

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New Hampshire. General Court, Resolutions of the General Assembly of New Hampshire (January 6, 1845)

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Title: Resolutions of the General Assembly of New Hampshire: In favor of the annexation of Texas, and of maintaining the rights of the United States over the Territory of Oregon: 28th Congress, Second Session: [No.] 22 [Senate] [Digital Version]
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Source(s): New Hampshire. General Court, Resolutions of the General Assembly of New Hampshire (January 6, 1845)
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28th CONGRESS, 2d Session.[SENATE.] [22]

The annexation of Texas, and of maintaining the rights of the United States
over the Territory of Oregon.

JANUARY 6, 1845.
Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations, and ordered to be printed.



  • 1. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General
    Court convened
    , That the result of the Presidential election demonstrates
    that the people of this State and of the United States are in favor of the
    immediate reannexation of Texas to the Union.
  • 2. Resolved, That the usurpation of Santa Anna, and his subversion by
    the sword of the compact under which Texas became one of the States of
    the Mexican confederacy, the triumph of Texan arms at the decisive battle
    of San Jacinto, the subsequent acknowledgment of her independence by
    the usurper and by the great Powers of both continents, the maintenance
    of that independence for a long succession of years against every foe, all
    combine to absolve Texas from all further allegiance to Mexico, and to
    establish her independence in law and fact, and her perfect freedom to
    negotiate treaties and contract alliances with the other sovereignties of the
  • 3. Resolved, That we regard it as an insult to the people of Texas, who
    have gallantly achieved their liberties by the sword of revolution, to make
    the consent of Mexico a prerequisite to their reannexation to the United
    States; and that an attempt to procure the assent of Mexico, now convulsed
    with insurrection and torn with contending factions, each claiming to wield
    the rightful powers of government, would be as fruitless as unnecessary
    and uncalled for by the justice and law of the case.
  • 4. Resolved, That the reannexation of Texas is as constitutional and
    expedient as was the purchase of Louisiana by Mr. Jefferson, of which
    purchased territory we believe the present territory of Texas constituted a
  • 5. Resolved, That the reannexation of Texas, aside from its restoring
    to the Southwest its mutilated territory, bargained away by the treachery


    or folly of our diplomatists, is founded in the interests of every section of
    our country—the agriculture of the South and West, and the commerce
    and manufactures of the North.
  • 6. Resolved, That we do not recognise the right of foreign nations to
    interfere in the negotiations upon this subject; and that, the two countries
    consenting, and as against foreign nations, Texas should be reannexed to
    the United States, if need be, by armed occupation.
  • 7. Resolved, That national honor and national policy alike forbid all
    further foreign aggression upon American soil.
  • 8. Resolved, That we believe, with Mr. Clay, “that the reannexation of
    Texas will add more free than slave States to the Union; and that it would
    be unwise to refuse a permanent acquisition, which will exist as long as
    the globe remains, on account of a temporary institution.”
  • 9. Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be instructed and our Representatives
    be requested to use their exertions to procure the adoption of
    such measures, by the General Government, as in their opinion shall be
    best calculated to effect the reannexation of Texas to the United States,
    and to assert and maintain our rights in the territory of Oregon.
  • 10. Resolved, That the Secretary of State be directed to furnish a copy
    of the foregoing resolutions to each of our Senators and Representatives in
    Congress, and to the Governors of the several States and Territories of the

Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Approved, December 28, 1844.
JOHN H. STEELE, Governor.
A true copy. Attest:
Secretary of State.

Rice University
Date: 2010-06-07
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