Letter from Jose Marti to the Council Presidents on the Board of Advisors for Key West, March 18, 1893 [Translation]

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Marti, Jose, 1853-1895, Carta de Jose Marti a los presidentes de las organizaciones de cubanos exiliados en Florida, 18 de marzo 1893 (March 18, 1893)

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Title: Letter from Jose Marti to the Council Presidents on the Board of Advisors for Key West, March 18, 1893 [Translation]
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Author: Marti, Jose, 1853-1895
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Description: Handwritten document, 4pp. Written from New York; Seeking financial support for El Tara, a revolutionary newspaper printed in Key West for distribution in Cuba; Written on letter head "Delegacion del Partido Revolucionario Cubano" or "delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party".
Source(s): Marti, Jose, 1853-1895, Carta de Jose Marti a los presidentes de las organizaciones de cubanos exiliados en Florida, 18 de marzo 1893 (March 18, 1893)
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Of the
Cuban Revolutionary Party

Council Presidents on the Board of Advisors for Key West

Messrs. Presidents:

By way of the Office of the Secretary of this Board of Advisors, the Delegation has
become aware of the practical difficulty of implementing the assistance plan for El Yara
newspaper, which requires individual Council contributions to the publication; this plan
was proposed by the "José Rafael Estrada" club as one of the explicit duties of the
Delegation, and was accepted by the latter.

The Delegation would have taken the measure it takes today from the beginning, but due
to its desire and pleasure to respect the unique suggestions and projects of each locality, it
thought it best to leave the intimately local matters on which this affair had been
proposed to the Board's deliberation.

Having confirmed today the Delegation's doubt regarding the practicability
[...] 1


of the proposed plan, and with the Delegation's desire, more than ever and with more
reason than ever before, to encourage all sectors and to stimulate the advancing campaign
in Cuba, the Delegate believes it is immediately necessary to help the Key West
newspaper "El Yara" de Key West with activity funds, the amount of which will be
proposed by a Council in that locality, in accordance with the section of the Statutes
detailing publication expenses. This newspaper– as the only daily revolutionary
newspaper, printed hour after hour at the very door of Cuba– is printed with the goal of
spreading continuous words of enthusiasm and criticism about Cuba to the Island of
Cuba. This latter goal is its most important service, which targets and attacks, without
taking a day off, the other newspapers that the Delegation has working on the Island.

Today, the daily voice of the revolution on the island is urgent.


The weekly journals are not enough to confront the clever propaganda. Because of this
situation, every article must be imbued with the whip and faith. It is critical that “El
Yara” be able to maintain its increased circulation and that it receive financial support for
the cause it sustains with so much strength and decorum. Without such outside assistance,
it is clear that a newspaper of this type, which is published in a small locality, cannot
remain solvent solely through its public subscription base. For these reasons, the
Delegation, through this letter, shall provide the sum of three hundred pesos from the
activity funds to El Yara newspaper. It will be paid with the first funds to enter that local
Treasury, after covering any pending obligations.

Yet it is not enough for the Delegation to draft and execute this resolution, but rather, it
yearns to leave a lasting witness to the necessary unselfish and energetic qualities of the
patriot, whose spirit


encourages and sustains Key West's "El Yara" in order to create and save this unique
newspaper. This resolution must account for the costs and difficulties of running a strictly
honorable newspaper, the only Cuban paper which, fueled with nothing more than the
fervent patriotism of its editor, provides emigrants with the voice of unity, and Cuba with
the voice of the revolution everyday. Do not be afraid of honoring those who merit it!

And to those Cubans who are members of the Clubs, whose discipline and organization
have helped to preserve the auxiliary funds dedicated to our emancipation effort and have
applied them to our urgent necessities, this Delegation is proud of the merits of its
compatriots and salutes them as they confront challenging tasks.

José Martí

Rice University
Date: 2010-06-07
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