The Legislative Assembly of the State of Guatemala to its citizens, on the upcoming elections [Translation]

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Dardon, Marcos, La Asamblea Lejislativa del estado de Guatemala à sus comiténtes en las próximas elecciones (April 30, 1829)

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Title: The Legislative Assembly of the State of Guatemala to its citizens, on the upcoming elections [Translation]
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Author: Dardon, Marcos
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Source(s): Dardon, Marcos, La Asamblea Lejislativa del estado de Guatemala à sus comiténtes en las próximas elecciones (April 30, 1829)
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The Legislative Assembly
Of the State of Guatemala
to its citizens

After so many victims and so many harmful sacrifices provoked by tyrants usurping the
sovereignty of the State, the representation that is already restored to its functions
convokes you today to elect your public servants.

The law, whose august throne you have reestablished over a foundation built with
your own blood, does not permit anyone who as of now has the honor of representing you
to continue any longer being a representative of your will. Complete this scrupulously, as
it is the most agreeable of your duties.

You are free: the law guarantees your liberty; and if a conquering force exists in
the State, remember that love for the law has reunited it in order to make it triumph. The
same force protects your rights: our sacred love is your freedom in the elections, in this
great act of sovereignty of the people: no one will dare to disturb it.

Use it, then, with the circumspection of a very important right. The consolidation
of the government, the perpetuation of peace, the security of your selves and your goods,
wealth and prosperity, are effects of the act of the elections.

[In] three years of civil war, you have painfully found all of the evils that cause
inobservance of the law, ambition, personal interest, [and] the prevention of public


This same destructive war has sown among you false doctrines, fatal rumors that
have procured the establishment of bad faith, seduction, and greed in place of love for
your country by confusing all principles and fanning the flames of all passions

If turning a deaf ear to the voice of prevention, do not allow yourself to be
deceived by meaningless words or the appearances of a false zealot: if by your own eyes
you seek merit and truth: if you elect subjects who for the love of just freedom and by
truly free sentiments know how to reunite the uninterested, the good customs and the
talents that are so necessary to the promotion of the general good, then you will have
carried out your duties, and you will have fulfilled the wishes of your representatives.

In the hall of sessions on April 3 of 1829.
Marcos Dardon deputy vice-president- Eusebio Arzate
deputy secretary- Francisco AlbarézRegularized:Alvaréz deputy secretary

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