Optically-sectioned two-shot structured illumination microscopy with Hilbert-Huang processing

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Optical Society of America

We introduce a fast, simple, adaptive and experimentally robust method for reconstructing background-rejected optically-sectioned images using two-shot structured illumination microscopy. Our innovative data demodulation method needs two grid-illumination images mutually phase shifted by π (half a grid period) but precise phase displacement between two frames is not required. Upon frames subtraction the input pattern with increased grid modulation is obtained. The first demodulation stage comprises two-dimensional data processing based on the empirical mode decomposition for the object spatial frequency selection (noise reduction and bias term removal). The second stage consists in calculating high contrast image using the two-dimensional spiral Hilbert transform. Our algorithm effectiveness is compared with the results calculated for the same input data using structured-illumination (SIM) and HiLo microscopy methods. The input data were collected for studying highly scattering tissue samples in reflectance mode. Results of our approach compare very favorably with SIM and HiLo techniques.

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Patorski, Krzysztof, Trusiak, Maciej and Tkaczyk, Tomasz. "Optically-sectioned two-shot structured illumination microscopy with Hilbert-Huang processing." Optics Express, 22, no. 8 (2014) Optical Society of America: 9517-9527. https://doi.org/10.1364/OE.22.009517.

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