2D material integrated macroporous electrodes for Li-ion batteries


Three-dimensionally structured architectures are known to improve the performance of electrodes used in Li ion battery systems. In addition, integration of select 2D materials into 3D structures, for enhancing both electrical conductivity and electrochemical activity, will prove advantageous. Here a scalable one-step chemical vapor deposition technique is demonstrated for the controlled etching and simultaneous graphene growth on stainless steel substrates resulting in a 3D micro-mesh architecture that is ideal for high rate/high capacity electrodes; the graphene coated 3D stainless steel current collector is used with an MoS2 electrode material for demonstrating high stability and rate capacity in Li-ion batteries.

Journal article

Gullapalli, Hemtej, Kalaga, Kaushik, Vinod, Soumya, et al.. "2D material integrated macroporous electrodes for Li-ion batteries." RSC Advances, 7, (2017) Royal Society of Chemistry: 32737-32742. https://doi.org/10.1039/C7RA05354A.

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