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    • Rice University: Fondren Library Sustainability Plan 

      Fitzpatrick, Ashley; Borodina, Svetlana; Spiro, Lisa; Fondren Library (2019)
      As awareness of climate change and other environmental and social problems grow, many libraries and librarians are dedicating themselves to sustainability, “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”3 We call upon Fondren Library to practice and promote sustainability ...
    • Fondren Fellow final report: The usage of Fondren Library in an age of research-oriented college education 

      Kanemitsu, Jade; Wang, Yifan (2019)
      What is Fondren Library’s role in Rice University’s undergraduate teaching practices? And more broadly, how is Fondren, as a research university library, understood in today’s pedagogical environment? This research seeks to look at Fondren Library’s current practices and their effects and to understand how the library services address key issues—or ...
    • Rescoping research through student-librarian collaboration: Lessons from the Fondren Fellows program 

      LaFlamme, Marcel; Kipphut-Smith, Shannon; Association of College and Research Libraries (2018)
      Academic library professionals increasingly see student workers as full coparticipants in the design and delivery of library resources and services. For some librarians, this perspective grows out of a commitment to critical and feminist pedagogy,1 while for others, greater reliance on student workers in the face of flat or contracting budgets has ...
    • Motion Tracking Small Organisms 

      Liu, Mengjia (2018)
      Presented at the 2018 Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium, this poster shares the results of a Fondren Fellows project designed to develop a methodology to collect footage and perform 2D motion tracking of small organisms using user-friendly software and equipment.
    • After the Addendum: Author Rights Management and/as Library Service 

      LaFlamme, Marcel; Fondren Library (2017-02)
      This report presents the findings from a qualitative study of Rice University faculty attitudes and practices around author rights conducted by Marcel LaFlamme, a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology, during his tenure as a Fondren Fellow. This project was supervised by Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Fondren Library’s scholarly communications liaison.
    • Exploring the Possibility of Alternative Desks in Fondren Study Spaces 

      Potlapalli, Neha R. (2017)
      As new research shows that traditional desks may do more harm than good to students, alternative solutions to the typical table and chair have entered many university libraries. Fondren Library is interested in discovering if substitute options—such as bike desks, standing desk, or under desk elliptical stations—will be useful options at Rice ...