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dc.contributor.authorUnderwood & Underwood
dc.coverage.spatialAl Jīzah (Egypt) 2006-11-01T21:37:54Z 2006-11-01T21:37:54Z 1905
dc.identifier.citation Underwood & Underwood. "Pyraminds of Gizeh." (1905) Rice University:
dc.description Egypt Tour, Map No.5; a. Viceregal Kiosque, b. N.W. Corner-stone of the Great Pyramid, c. Mastaba of Plah-bew-nofer, d. Small natural cleft in the rock, through which visitors descend to the Second Pyramid, e. Qaurry with hierogl. Inscription above., f. Hierogl. Inscription on the wal and Rock Tombs, g. Rock Tomb with palm-ceiling, h. Tomb of the Rebehne 5th Dynasty, i. Tomb of Psammetikh., k. Tomb of Wer-khewew, 5th Dynasty, l. Pyramid of the Daughter of Cheops (according to Herodotus)., m. Supposed Mortar-pits., n. Tomb of Numbers., o. Sanctuary of Isis.
dc.description.abstract A line map of the Pyramids of Gizeh, with topographical markings, places of interest marked in orange, and a chart comparing the heights of the pyramids to that of other monuments.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Rice University
dc.relation.IsPartOf From: Breasted, James Henry. "Egypt Through the Stereoscope" (Underwood & Underwood: New York, 1905): 09.
dc.relation.IsPartOfThe complete text of "Egypt Through the Stereoscope: A Journey Through the Land of the Pharoahs" is avaiable on the TIMEA site at
dc.relation.IsPartOfSeries Forms part of the Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA)
dc.relation.IsReferencedByResearch module: Places in Egypt,
dc.rights This material is in the public domain and may be freely used.
dc.subject.lcshAl Jīzah (Egypt) -- Maps.
dc.subject.otherHistorical Map
dc.title Pyraminds of Gizeh
dc.digitization.specifications 600dpi; 24 bit color; tiff
dc.source.original From: Breasted, James Henry. "Egypt Through the Stereoscope" (Underwood & Underwood: New York, 1905): 09.
dc.contributor.funder Funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS) and Rice University's Computer and Information Technology Institute (CITI). 2006 The date given for this map is the publication date of the book from which it is taken. BreEgMaps_09
dc.type.genre maps
dc.type.dcmi StillImage
dcterms.accessRights public domain

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