The Rice Historical Review is a research journal designed to showcase outstanding scholarly works produced by Rice University's undergraduate students. It published its first issue in the spring of 2016.

Table of Contents

—Front Matter (PDF | 1.916 MB)

—The Blockade of Leningrad & the Mixed Results of Sovietization (PDF | 5.6 MB)

by Dane Burrough

—Extirpating the Loathsome Smallpox: A Study in the History and Demise of Smallpox, as Aided by Thomas Jefferson (PDF | 5.8 MB)

by Anna Durham

—Consumerism, Commodification, and Beauty: Shiseido and the Rise of Japanese Beauty Culture (PDF | 6.0 MB)

by Jessica Guerra

—From Welcoming to Wary: The SPD's Rhetoric on the Flüchtlingspolitik (PDF | 6.5 MB)

by Jungbin Lim

—Preserving the Spirit of National Parks: The U.S. Army in Yellowstone (PDF | 5.8 MB)

by Tim Wang

—Back Matter (PDF | 609.5Kb)

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Editorial Board

Mary Charlotte Y. Carroll, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Rachel S. Landsman, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Ephraim Griffith, Managing Editor
Roger Liang, Assistant Managing Editor
Christina Hahn, Director of Publishing
Monica Melendez, Director of Media and Technology
Katie Beiter, Director of Copy Editing

Faculty Review Board

Dr. Lisa Spiro | Historical Review Faculty Advisor | Executive Director of Digital Scholarship Services
Dr. Lisa Balabanlilar | Associate Professor of History | South Asia, Ottoman Empire, Islamic World
Dr. John Boles | William P. Hobby Professor of History | America and the South, Rice
Dr. Peter Caldwell | Samuel G. McCann Professor of History | Modern Germany, Europe, Political Thought
Dr. Nathan Citino | Associate Professor | US and Middle East
Dr. Randal Hall | Associate Professor of History | American, Economic, Environmental
Dr. Alida Metcalf | Chair of the History Department | Colonial Latin America, Brazil
Dr. Kerry Ward | Associate Professor of History | World and African
Dr. Hicham Safieddine| Copy Editing Consultant

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