The Rice Historical Review published its inaugural issue in April 2016. It was launched by a group of undergraduate history majors passionate about historical research. This journal is sponsored by the Rice History Department.

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  • Free Labor through Marx's Capital 

    Pemantle, Walden (2017)
    Following the abolition of slavery or serfdom, wage labor became the norm for the laboring class of many nations. This article examines how capitalism and wage-labor replaced slavery and serfdom with other forms of coerced ...
  • Women on the Oil Frontier: Gender and Power in Aramco's Arabia 

    Jones, Benjamin (2017)
    The Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco), which controlled the world's largest crude oil reserve and was once the largest American investment overseas, often claimed that its petroleum extraction activities contributed ...
  • The Work of Women: Middle Class Domesticity in Eighteenth Century British Literature 

    McDougal, Abi (2017)
    This essay considers how British literature in the eighteenth century participated in creating a singularly domestic image of women. Addressing gender roles, Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, Mary Hays’s Emma Courtney, and Jane ...
  • The Politics of Policy: the Obama Doctrine and the Arab Spring 

    Tyler, Hannah (2017)
    This paper defines and examines the Obama Doctrine by contextualizing it through the lens of other presidential doctrines and schools of realism and idealism. In addition, it seeks to establish the doctrine's tenets and ...
  • Front Matter 2017 Spring Issue 

    CONTENTS: Editorial Board -- Faculty Board -- Sponsors -- Table of Contents
  • Back Matter 2017 Spring Issue 

    CONTENTS: Editorial Board -- About US -- Acknowledgements -- Future Contributors
  • The Decay of the State 

    Hood, Nikolai (2017)
    German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) perceived that certain fundamental structures’ from language to justice’ which had previously been enshrined by religious transcendence were by his time decaying through ...
  • The Religion of Thomas Jefferson 

    Altschul, James (2017)
    Thomas Jefferson’s religious beliefs remain a point of contention in contemporary political discourse, with actors on many different sides of religious debate seeking to claim him as an advocate for their position. In this ...
  • From Welcoming to Wary: The SPD's Rhetoric on the Flüchtlingspolitik 

    Lim, Jungbin (2016)
    This paper traces the response of the SocialDemocratic Party of Germany (SPD) to the European migrant crisis in the fall of 2015. In particular, I explore the change in the party's position, which initially had pledged ...
  • Preserving the Spirit of National Parks: The U.S. Army in Yellowstone 

    Wang, Tim (2016)
    As the flagship U.S. National Park, Yellowstone,throughout its administrative history, has set manyprecedents for park management policies and practicesacross the United States. This essay examines the period ofadministration ...
  • Consumerism, Commodification, and Beauty: Shiseido and the Rise of Japanese Beauty Culture 

    Guerra, Jessica (2016)
    This research focuses on the development of advertising in interwar period Japan (between World War I and World War II) and the growing prevalence of the Modern Girl. As women with a certain aesthetic were popularized ...
  • The Blockade of Leningrad & the Mixed Results of Sovietization 

    Burrough, Dane (2016)
    The Siege of Leningrad, a joint German-Finnish operation during World War II, lasted for 880 days and took the lives of a large number of the citizens of the city. The city was entirely cut off from the rest of the Soviet ...
  • Front Matter 2016 Spring Issue 

    Carroll, Mary Charlotte Y. ; Landsman, Rachel S. (2016)
    CONTENTS: About the Rice Historical Review -- Founding Editorial Board -- Faculty Board -- Welcome from the Editors -- Table of Contents
  • Back Matter 2016 Spring Issue 

    Carroll, Mary Charlotte Y.; Landsman, Rachel S. (2016)
    CONTENTS: Acknowledgements -- THE INAUGURAL ISSUE CONTRIBUTORS -- Additional Information -- Future Contributors
  • Extirpating the Loathsome Smallpox: A Study in the History and Demise of Smallpox, as Aided by Thomas Jefferson 

    Durham, Anna (2016)
    This essay explores the history of smallpox variolation and vaccination with particular emphasis on the contributions of Thomas Jefferson to the spread of both methods in the United States. The research draws mainly upon ...