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The Americas collection strives to represent the full range and complexity of the Americas history by bringing together key documents that examines political and cultural relationships from a hemispheric perspective. Its goal is to represent the full range and complexity of a multilingual “Americas” that includes Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America from the beginning of colonization to the present.

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The Americas Digital Archive project is overseen by Geneva Henry, Executive Director of Rice's Center for Digital Scholarship and Dr. Caroline Levander, Director of the Humanities Research Center at Rice University. Rice University's physical archival materials are housed at the Woodson Research Center, located in the Fondren Library.

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Recent Submissions

  • Spanish Catholic Missions and Border History 

    AnaMaria Seglie (2011-08-04)
    The Catholic missions of Spanish America are an integral part of U.S.-Mexico borderlands history. Using John Russell Bartlett’s Personal narrative of explorations & incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora, and ...
  • La madre mexicana: fragmento del libro, Las mujeres españolas, portuguesas y americanas 

    Lorena Gauthereau-Bryson (2011-07-21)
    Este video es una lectura corta del libro Las mujeres españolas, portuguesas y americanas, con preguntas para reflexión para estudiantes de español. (This video provides a reading of a short Spanish excerpt followed by ...
  • Introducción a un billete mexicano de diez pesos 

    Lorena Gauthereau-Bryson (2011-07-08)
    Este video contextualiza a un billete de diez pesos mexicanos (1823) impreso sobre una bula católica (siglo 18), según la trayectoria de la historia de México. (This video contextualizes a ten pesos Mexican banknote (1823) ...

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