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    • Certificate of Need Regulations and the Availability and Use of Cancer Resections 

      Short, Marah N.; Aloia, Thomas A.; Ho, Vivian (2008)
      Background: Several states use certificate of need regulations (CON) to control the growth of acute-care services, but the possible association between these restrictions and the provision of cancer surgery has not been assessed. This study examines the association between acute-care CON, the availability of cancer surgery hospitals, and provision ...
    • Impact of processes of care aimed at complication reduction on the cost of complex cancer surgery 

      Background and Objectives: Health care providers add multiple processes to the care of complex cancer patients, believing they prevent and/or ameliorate complications. However, the relationship between these processes, complication remediation, and expenditures is unknown. Methods: Data for patients with cancer diagnoses undergoing colectomy, rectal ...