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dc.contributor.authorDurante, Kimberly
Weimer, Katherine Hart
McGee, Marc 2016-04-05T21:50:48Z 2016-04-05T21:50:48Z 2016-03
dc.identifier.citation Durante, Kimberly, Weimer, Katherine Hart and McGee, Marc. "Linked Open Data Modeling for Library Cartographic Resources." (2016)
dc.description.abstract For centuries libraries have cataloged collections of maps, atlases, and geographic data resources using text-based systems such as bibliographies, the card catalog, and the online catalog. These catalogs of metadata, while often well-structured and rich in data, have typically been part of a closed information ecosystem, unable to be easily repurposed for research needs beyond resource search and discovery. Linked Open Data (LOD) modelling presents new opportunities for how library resources can be described enabling library catalogs to be able to interact with the larger web of data in more meaningful ways. The Linked Data for Libraries: Linked Data for Production (LD4P) project is a multi-institutional effort that will explore applying LOD models, including the Bibliographic Framework (BIBFRAME), to natively describe library resources. The LD4P Cartographic Materials sub-project will focus on evaluating ontologies and vocabularies best suited to the description of cartographic resources with the aim of establishing a set of library community shared best practices. This poster presents: 1) an overview of the Linked Data for Libraries project ; 2) examples of cartographic materials descriptions in MARC catalog and BIBFRAME descriptive schemas, highlighting similarities and differences ; 3) LOD data sources (e.g. DBpedia, GeoNames, VIAF, LC Authorities) to which description entities will be reconciled; and 4) the LD4P Ontology, incorporating BIBFRAME, OWL, SKOS. The poster will engage geographic information community members to learn more about how libraries can better model and describe cartographic resources in their collections to support researcher needs in a LOD environment.
dc.rights CC0 1.0 Universal
dc.title Linked Open Data Modeling for Library Cartographic Resources
dc.type Conference paper
cartographic resources
linked open data
dc.citation.conferenceName American Association of Geographers, 2016
dc.citation.conferenceDate 2016-03-30
dc.type.dcmi StillImage
dc.type.publication publisher version

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