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Making an R package616
Accuracy of optical spectroscopy for the detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia without colposcopic tissue information; a step toward automation for low resource settings245
Stability of bacterial toggle switches is enhanced by cell-cycle lengthening by several orders of magnitude235
Small median tumor diameter at cure threshold (<20 mm) among aggressive non-small cell lung cancers in male smokers predicts both chest X-ray and CT screening outcomes in a novel simulation framework206
Modeling neutral evolution using an in nite-allele Markov branching process204
Neural Networks of Colored Sequence Synesthesia204
Stochastic hypothesis of transition from inborn neutropenia to AML: interactions of cell population dynamics and population genetics203
Inferring metabolic networks using the Bayesian adaptive graphical lasso with informative priors200
Heavy-tailed densities198
A statistical model for removing inter-device differences in spectroscopy183

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