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    • Ambipolar electronics 

      Yang, Xuebei; Mohanram, Kartik (2010-03-02)
      Ambipolar conduction, characterized by a superposition of electron and hole currents, has been observed in many next-generation devices including carbon nanotube, graphene, silicon nanowire, and organic transistors. ...
    • Graphene Ambipolar Multiplier Phase Detector 

      Yang, Xuebei; Liu, Guanxiong; Rostami, Masoud; Balandin, Alexander A.; Mohanram, Kartik (2011-10)
      We report the experimental demonstration of a multiplier phase detector implemented with a single top-gated graphene transistor. Ambipolar current conduction in graphene transistors enables simplification of the design ...
    • Semi-analytical model for carbon nanotube and graphene nanoribbon transistors 

      Yang, Xuebei (2010)
      Carbon nanotubes and graphene provide high carrier mobility for ballistic transport, high carrier velocity for fast switching, and excellent mechanical and thermal conductivity. As a result, they are widely considered as ...