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    • Present but Unreachable: Reducing Persistentlatent Secrets in HotSpot JVM 

      Pridgen, Adam; Garfinkel, Simson L.; Wallach, Dan S. (2017)
      Applications that manage sensitive secrets, including cryptographic keys, are typically engineered to overwrite the secrets in memory once they’re no longer necessary, offering an important defense against forensic attacks ...
    • Puppeteer: Component-based Adaptation for Mobile Computing 

      de Lara, Eyal; Wallach, Dan S.; Zwaenepoel, Willy (2000-03-20)
      Puppeteer is a system for adapting component-based applications in mobile environments. Puppeteer takes advantage of the exported interfaces of these applications to perform adaptation <i>without</i> modifying the ...
    • Slender PUF Protocol: A lightweight, robust, and secure authentication by substring matching 

      Majzoobi, Mehrdad; Rostami, Masoud; Koushanfar, Farinaz; Wallach, Dan S.; Devadas, Srinivas (2012)
      We introduce Slender PUF protocol, an efficient and secure method to authenticate the responses generated from a Strong Physical Unclonable Function (PUF). The new method is lightweight, and suitable for energy constrained ...