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    • Design and Architecture of Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Decoders for FPGAs 

      Dick, Chris; Amiri, Kiarash; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Rao, Raghu (2008-10-01)
      Spatial multiplexing multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) communication systems have recently drawn significant attention as a means to achieve tremendous gains in wireless system capacity and link reliability. The optimal ...
    • Flex-Sphere: An FPGA Configurable Sort-Free Sphere Detector For Multi-user MIMO Wireless Systems 

      Amiri, Kiarash; Dick, Chris; Rao, Raghu; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2008-10-01)
      Spatial division multiplexing (SDM) in MIMO technology significantly increases the spectral efficiency, and hence capacity, of a wireless communication system: it is a core component of the next generation wireless systems, ...
    • FPGA in Wireless Communications Applications 

      Amiri, Kiarash; Duarte, Melissa; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Dick, Chris; Rao, Raghu; Sabharwal, Ashutosh (2012-07-12)
      In the past decade we have witnessed explosive growth in the wireless communications industry with over 4 billion subscribers worldwide. While first and second generation systems focused on voice communications, third ...
    • Novel Sort-Free Detector with Modified Real-Valued Decomposition (M-RVD) Ordering in MIMO Systems 

      Amiri, Kiarash; Dick, Chris; Rao, Raghu; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2008-11-01)
      K-best MIMO detection technique is the prominent method of simplifying the detection complexity in MIMO systems while maintaining BER performance comparable with the optimum maximum-likelihood (ML) detection technique. ...
    • Reduced Complexity Soft MMSE MIMO Detector Architecture 

      Amiri, Kiarash; Dick, Chris; Rao, Raghu; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2010-12-01)
      Computing the soft LLR values in MMSE receivers of MIMO systems requires a very large complexity. In this paper, we propose a reduced complexity soft MMSE detector for MIMO systems. We use different complexity reductions ...