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  • Thermoplasmonics: Quantifying Plasmonic Heating in Single Nanowires 

    Herzog, Joseph B.; Knight, Mark W.; Natelson, Douglas (2014)
    Plasmonic absorption of light can lead to significant local heating in metallic nanostructures, an effect that defines the sub-field of thermoplasmonics and has been leveraged in diverse applications from biomedical ...
  • Voltage tuning of vibrational mode energies in single-molecule junctions 

    Li, Yajing; Doak, Peter; Kronik, Leeor; Neaton, Jeffrey B.; Natelson, Douglas (2014)
    Vibrational modes of molecules are fundamental properties determined by intramolecular bonding, atomic masses, and molecular geometry, and often serve as important channels for dissipation in nanoscale processes. Although ...