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  • Broadcast Detection Structures with Applications to Sensor Networks 

    Johnson, Don; Lexa, Michael (2006-03-01)
    Data broadcasting is potentially an effective and efficient way to share information in wireless sensor networks. Broadcasts offer energy savings over multiple, directed transmissions, and they provide a vehicle to exploit ...
  • Multiscale Likelihood Analysis and Complexity Penalized Estimation 

    Kolaczyk, Eric D.; Nowak, Robert David (2004)
    We describe here a framework for a certain class of multiscale likelihood factorization wherein, in analogy to a wavlet decomposition of an L² function, a given likelihood function has an alternative representation as a ...
  • Useful Facts about the Kullback-Leibler Discrimination Distance 

    Lexa, Michael (2004-12-01)
    This report contains a list of some of the more prominent properties and theorems concerning the Kullback-Leibler (KL) discrimination distance. A brief discussion is also provided indicating the type of problems in which ...