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    • Experimental AR Fault Detection Methods for a Hydraulic Robot 

      Leuschen, Martin L.; Walker, Ian D.; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Gamache, Ronald; Martin, Mike (2000-09-01)
      This paper focuses on practical use and theoretical elaboration of the analytical redundancy technique which is used to efficiently detect faults that have been determined to be mission-hazardous by previous FMECA and fault ...
    • Nonlinear System Identification Based on a Fock Space Framework 

      Zyla, Lou; de Figueiredo, Rui J.P. (1979-05-20)
      A method is presented for the identification of a nonlinear system represented by an operator V:E->Y, where the input space E is a separable Hilbert space over the field of complex numbers and the output space Y is the ...