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    • Dataflow Modeling and Design for Cognitive Radio Networks 

      Wang, Lai-Huei; Bhattacharyya, Shuvra S.; Vosoughi, Aida; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Juntti, Markku; Boutellier, Jani; Silven, Olli; Valkama, Mikko (2013-10-01)
      Cognitive radio networks present challenges at many levels of design including configuration, control, and crosslayer optimization. In this paper, we focus primarily on dataflow representations to enable flexibility and ...
    • Low-Complexity Subband Digital Predistortion for Spurious Emission Suppression in Noncontiguous Spectrum Access 

      Abdelaziz, Mahmoud; Anttila, Lauri; Tarver, Chance; Li, Kaipeng; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Valkama, Mikko (2016)
      Noncontiguous transmission schemes combined with high power-efficiency requirements pose big challenges for radio transmitter and power amplifier (PA) design and implementation. Due to the nonlinear nature of the PA, severe ...
    • Parallel Digital Predistortion Design on Mobile GPU and Embedded Multicore CPU for Mobile Transmitters 

      Li, Kaipeng; Ghazi, Amanullah; Tarver, Chance; Juntti, Markku; Boutellier, Jani; Abdelaziz, Mahmoud; Anttila, Lauri; Juntti, Markku; Valkama, Mikko; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2017)
      Digital predistortion (DPD) is a widely adopted baseband processing technique in current radio transmitters. While DPD can effectively suppress unwanted spurious spectrum emissions stemming from imperfections of analog RF ...