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    • COMMA: Coordinating the Migration of Multi-tier Applications 

      Liu, Zhaolei; Ng, T. S. Eugene; Sripanidkulchai, Kunwadee; Zheng, Jie (2014-11-24)
      Multi-tier applications are widely deployed in today’s virtualized cloud computing environments. At the same time, management operations in these virtualized environments, such as load balancing, hardware maintenance, ...
    • Pacer: Taking the Guesswork Out of Live Migrations in Hybrid Cloud Computing 

      Zheng, Jie; Ng, T. S. Eugene; Sripanidkulchai, Kunwadee; Liu, Zhaolei (2013-10-01)
      Hybrid cloud computing, where private and public cloud resources are combined and applications can migrate freely, ushers in unprecedented flexibility for businesses. To unleash the benefits, commercial products already ...
    • The Preliminary Design and Implementation of the Maestro Network Control Platform 

      Cai, Zheng; Cox, Alan L.; Dinu, Florin; Ng, T. S. Eugene; Zheng, Jie (2008-10-01)
      Network operation is inherently complex because it consists of many functions such as routing, firewalling, VPN provisioning, traffic load-balancing, network maintenance, etc. To cope with this, network designers have ...