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    • Cache Management in Scalable Network Servers 

      Pai, Vivek (2000-07-13)
      For many users, the perceived speed of computing is increasingly dependent on the performance of network server systems, underscoring the need for high performance servers. Cost-effective scalable network servers can be ...
    • IO-Lite: A Copy-free UNIX I/O System 

      Pai, Vivek (1997-01-11)
      Memory copy speed is known to be a significant barrier to high-speed communication. We perform an analysis of the requirements for a copy-free buffer system, develop an implementation-independent applications programming ...
    • IO-Lite: A unified I/O buffering and caching system 

      Druschel, Peter; Pai, Vivek; Zwaenepoel, Willy (1997-10-27)
      This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation ofIO-Lite, a unified I/O buffering and caching system. IO-Lite unifies all buffering and caching in the system, to the extent permitted by the hardware. In ...