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    • Towards accurate characterization of clonal heterogeneity based on structural variation 

      Fan, Xian; Zhou, Wanding; Chong, Zechen; Nakhleh, Luay; Chen, Ken (2014)
      Recent advances in deep digital sequencing have unveiled an unprecedented degree of clonal heterogeneity within a single tumor DNA sample. Resolving such heterogeneity depends on accurate estimation of fractions of alleles ...
    • Transaction local aliasing in storage class memory 

      Giles, Ellis; Doshi, Kshitij; Varman, Peter (2015)
      This paper describes a lightweight software library to solve the challenges [6], [3], [1], [5], [2] of programming storage class memory (SCM). It provides primitives to demarcate failure-atomic code regions. SCM loads and ...
    • Understanding the challenges of protein flexibility in drug design 

      Antunes, Dinler A.; Devaurs, Didier; Kavraki, Lydia E. (2015)
      Introduction: Protein–ligand interactions play key roles in various metabolic pathways, and the proteins involved in these interactions represent major targets for drug discovery. Molecular docking is widely used to predict ...