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  • SIMS: A Hybrid Method for Rapid Conformational Analysis 

    Gipson, Bryant; Moll, Mark; Kavraki, Lydia E. (2013-07-23)
    Proteins are at the root of many biological functions, often performing complex tasks as the result of large changes in their structure. Describing the exact details of these conformational changes, however, remains a ...
  • Solving Partial-Information Stochastic Parity Games 

    Nain, Sumit; Vardi, Moshe Y. (2013)
    We study one-sided partial-information 2-player concurrent stochastic games with parity objectives. In such a game, one of the players has only partial visibility of the state of the game, while the other player has complete ...
  • Towards accurate characterization of clonal heterogeneity based on structural variation 

    Fan, Xian; Zhou, Wanding; Chong, Zechen; Nakhleh, Luay; Chen, Ken (2014)
    Recent advances in deep digital sequencing have unveiled an unprecedented degree of clonal heterogeneity within a single tumor DNA sample. Resolving such heterogeneity depends on accurate estimation of fractions of alleles ...