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  • Variations in optical coherence tomography resolution and uniformity: a multi-system performance comparison 

    Fouad, Anthony; Pfefer, T. Joshua; Chen, Chao-Wei; Gong, Wei; Agrawal, Anant; Tomlins, Peter H.; Woolliams, Peter D.; Drezek, Rebekah A.; Chen, Yu (2014)
    Point spread function (PSF) phantoms based on unstructured distributions of sub-resolution particles in a transparent matrix have been demonstrated as a useful tool for evaluating resolution and its spatial variation across ...
  • Vital-dye-enhanced multimodal imaging of neoplastic progression in a mouse model of oral carcinogenesis 

    Hellebust, Anne; Rosbach, Kelsey; Wu, Jessica Keren; Nguyen, Jennifer; Gillenwater, Ann; Vigneswaran, Nadarajah; Richards-Kortum, Rebecca (2013)
    In this longitudinal study, a mouse model of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide chemically induced tongue carcinogenesis was used to assess the ability of optical imaging with exogenous and endogenous contrast to detect neoplastic ...
  • Why Zeolites Have So Few 7-Membered Rings 

    Li, Xi; Deem, Michael W. (2014)
    Known zeolite structures have relatively few 7-membered rings. Previous quantum mechanical calculations suggest there is no particular energy penalty for 7-membered rings. Predicted zeolite structures sampled from all ...