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    • Connection-level Analysis and Modeling of Network Traffic 

      Sarvotham, Shriram; Riedi, Rudolf H.; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2001-11-01)
      Most network traffic analysis and modeling studies lump all connections together into a single flow. Such aggregate traffic typically exhibits long-range-dependent (LRD) correlations and non-Gaussian marginal distributions. ...
    • Multifractal Signal Models with Application to Network Traffic 

      Crouse, Matthew; Riedi, Rudolf H.; Ribeiro, Vinay Joseph; Baraniuk, Richard G. (1998-08-01)
      In this paper, we develop a new multiscale modeling framework for characterizing positive-valued data with long-range-dependent correlations (1/f noise). Using the Haar wavelet transform and a special multiplicative structure ...