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    • Directional Complex-Wavelet Processing 

      Fernandes, Felix; van Spaendonck, Rutger; Burrus, C. Sidney (2000-08-20)
      Poor directional selectivity, a major disadvantage of the separable 2D discrete wavelet transform (DWT), has previously been circumvented either by using highly redundant, nonseparable wavelet transforms or by using ...
    • Phase and Magnitude Perceptual Sensitivities in Nonredundant Complex Wavelet Representations 

      Wakin, Michael; Orchard, Michael; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Chandrasekaran, Venkat (2003-11-01)
      The recent development of a nonredundant complex wavelet transform allows a novel framework for image analysis. Work on this representation has recognized that the phase and magnitude of complex coefficients can be related ...