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    • Displacement MIMO Kalman Equalizer for CDMA Downlink in Fast Fading Channels 

      Guo, Yuanbin; Zhang, Jianzhong (Charlie); McCain, Dennis; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2005-11-01)
      In this paper, a streamlined MIMO Kalman equalizer architecture is proposed to extract the commonality in the data path by jointly considering the displacement structure of the transition matrix and the block-Toeplitz ...
    • Information Theory of Transmit Diversity and Space-Time Code Design 

      Muharemovic, Tarik (2000-05-20)
      We restate the achievable information rates for multiple transmit multiple receive antenna systems in fast fading channels. Then we consider non-ergodic channel, where we evaluate asymptotic expression for the outage ...
    • Multiuser detection in fast-fading multipath environments 

      Sayeed, Akbar M.; Aazhang, Behnaam (2001-10-20)
      We propose a new framework for multiuser detection in fast-fading channels that are encountered in many mobile communication scenarios. Existing multiuser RAKE receivers, developed to combat multipath fading and multiuser ...