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    • Component-based adaptation for mobile computing 

      de Lara, Eyal (2002)
      Component-based adaptation is a novel approach for adapting applications to the limited availability of resources such as bandwidth and power in mobile environments. Component-based adaptation works by calling on the ...
    • Puppeteer: Component-based Adaptation for Mobile Computing 

      de Lara, Eyal; Wallach, Dan S.; Zwaenepoel, Willy (2000-03-20)
      Puppeteer is a system for adapting component-based applications in mobile environments. Puppeteer takes advantage of the exported interfaces of these applications to perform adaptation <i>without</i> modifying the ...
    • The effect of contention on the scalability of page-based software shared memory systems 

      de Lara, Eyal (1999)
      We demonstrate the profound effects of contention on the performance of page-based software distributed shared memory systems, as such systems are scaled to a larger number of nodes. Programs whose performance scales will ...