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    • A Deterministic Model for Parallel Program Performance Evaluation 

      Adve, Vikram S.; Vernon, Mary K. (1998-12-03)
      Analytical models for parallel programs have been successful at providing simple qualitative insights and bounds on scalability, but have been less successful in practice for predicting detailed, quantitative information ...
    • Analytic Evaluation of Shared-Memory Systems with ILP Processors 

      Sorin, Daniel J.; Pai, Vijay S.; Adve, Sarita V.; Vernon, Mary K.; Wood, David A. (1998-06-20)
    • A Customized MVA Model for ILP Multiprocessors 

      Sorin, Daniel J.; Vernon, Mary K.; Pai, Vijay S.; Adve, Sarita V.; Wood, David A. (1998-04-20)
      This paper provides the customized MVA equations for an analytical model for evaluating architectural alternatives for shared-memory multiprocessors with processors that aggressively exploit instruction-level parallelism ...