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    • Delay-constrained Scheduling: Power Efficiency, Filter Design, and Bounds 

      Khojastepour, Mohammad; Sabharwal, Ashutosh (2004-03-01)
      In this paper, packet scheduling with maximum delay constraints is considered with the objective to minimize average transmit power over Gaussian channels. The main emphasis is on deriving robust schedulers which do ...
    • Multi-class Latency Bounded Web Services 

      Kanodia, Vikram (2000-11-20)
      Two recent advances have resulted in significant improvements in web server quality-of-service. First, both centralized and distributed web servers can provide isolation among service classes by fairly distributing system ...
    • Reward Scheduling for QoS in Cloud Applications 

      Elnably, Ahmed (2012-09-05)
      The growing popularity of multi-tenant, cloud-based computing platforms is increasing interest in resource allocation models that permit flexible sharing of the underlying infrastructure. This thesis introduces a novel ...