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    • A new look at the informational gain of soft decisions 

      Lexa, Michael; Johnson, Don (2003-04-20)
      This paper develops a new systematic method of studying the benefits of 2-bit soft decisions by applying the concepts of information processing theory. We quantify performance in terms of the information transfer ratio and ...
    • Optimizing binary decision systems by manipulating transmission intervals 

      Lexa, Michael; Johnson, Don (2003-07-20)
      We study the optimization of a binary decision system where quantized (soft) decisions are transmitted across an additive white Gaussian noise channel. We adjust the bit transmission intervals to maximize the Chernoff ...
    • Useful Facts about the Kullback-Leibler Discrimination Distance 

      Lexa, Michael (2004-12-01)
      This report contains a list of some of the more prominent properties and theorems concerning the Kullback-Leibler (KL) discrimination distance. A brief discussion is also provided indicating the type of problems in which ...