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    • A lower bound on snap-through instability of curved beams under thermomechanical loads 

      Stanciulescu, Ilinca; Mitchell, Toby; Chandra, Yenny; Eason, Thomas; Spottswood, Michael (2012)
      A non-linear finite element formulation (three dimensional continuum elements) is implemented and used for modeling dynamic snap-through in beams with initial curvature. We identify a non-trivial (non-flat) configuration ...
    • Numerical pathologies in snap-through simulations 

      Chandra, Yenny; Stanciulescu, Ilinca; Eason, Thomas; Spottswood, Michael (2012)
      Aircraft structures operating in severe environments may experience snap-through, causing the curvature on part or all of the structure to invert inducing fatigue damage. This paper examines the performance of beam and ...