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    • Getting It Right Without Knowing the Answer: Quality Control in a Large Seismic Modeling Project 

      Symes, William W.; Terentyev, Igor S.; Vdovina, Tetyana (2009-04)
      Phase I of the SEAM Project will produce a variable-density acoustic synthetic survey over a 3D geological model simulating a deepwater subsalt exploration target. Due to the intended use of the data, the project places a ...
    • Interface Error Analysis for Numerical Wave Propagation 

      Symes, William W.; Vdovina, Tetyana (2008-10)
      The numerical error associated with finite-difference simulation of wave propagation in discontinuous media consists of two components. The first component is a higher order error that leads to grid dispersion; it can be ...
    • The Acoustic Radiation Solution 

      Symes, William W.; Vdovina, Tetyana (2008-10)
      The well-known radiation solution of the acoustic wave equation may also be viewed as the pressure field in the solution of the first-order system of linear acoustics, in two different ways. The first version casts in the ...