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    • Treatment of hind limb ischemia using angiogenic peptide nanofibers 

      Kumar, Vivek A.; Liu, Qi; Wickremasinghe, Navindee C.; Shi, Siyu; Cornwright, Toya T.; Deng, Yuxiao; Azares, Alon; Moore, Amanda N.; Acevedo-Jake, Amanda M.; Agudo, Noel R.; Pan, Su; Woodside, Darren G.; Vanderslice, Peter; Willerson, James T.; Dixon, Richard A.; Hartgerink, Jeffrey D. (2016)
      For a proangiogenic therapy to be successful, it must promote the development of mature vasculature for rapid reperfusion of ischemic tissue. Whole growth factor, stem cell, and gene therapies have yet to achieve the ...