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    • Mapping Network Motif Tunability and Robustness in the Design of Synthetic Signaling Circuits 

      Iadevaia, Sergio; Nakhleh, Luay K.; Azencott, Robert; Ram, Prahlad T. (2014)
      Cellular networks are highly dynamic in their function, yet evolutionarily conserved in their core network motifs or topologies. Understanding functional tunability and robustness of network motifs to small perturbations ...
    • Metabolic shifts toward glutamine regulate tumor growth, invasion and bioenergetics in ovarian cancer 

      Yang, Lifeng; Moss, Tyler; Mangala, Lingegowda S.; Marini, Juan; Zhao, Hongyun; Wahlig, Stephen; Armaiz-Pena, Guillermo; Jiang, Dahai; Achreja, Abhinav; Win, Julia; Roopaimoole, Rajesha; Rodriguez-Aguayo, Cristian; Mercado-Uribe, Imelda; Lopez-Berestein, Gabriel; Liu, Jinsong; Tsukamoto, Takashi; Sood, Anil K.; Ram, Prahlad T.; Nagrath, Deepak (2014)
      Glutamine can play a critical role in cellular growth in multiple cancers. Glutamine‐addicted cancer cells are dependent on glutamine for viability, and their metabolism is reprogrammed for glutamine utilization through ...
    • Tumor microenvironment derived exosomes pleiotropically modulate cancer cell metabolism 

      Zhao, Hongyun; Yang, Lifeng; Baddour, Joelle; Achreja, Abhinav; Bernard, Vincent; Moss, Tyler; Marini, Juan C.; Tudawe, Thavisha; Seviour, Elena G.; San Lucas, F. Anthony; Alvarez, Hector; Gupta, Sonal; Maiti, Sourindra N.; Cooper, Laurence; Peehl, Donna; Ram, Prahlad T.; Maitra, Anirban; Nagrath, Deepak (2016)
      Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) are a major cellular component of tumor microenvironment in most solid cancers. Altered cellular metabolism is a hallmark of cancer, and much of the published literature has focused on ...