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    • Fluorinated Graphene Oxide: a New Multimodal Material for Biological Applications 

      Romero-Aburto, Rebeca; Narayanan, Tharangattu N.; Nagaoka, Yutaka; Hasumura, Takashi; Mitcham, Trevor M.; Fukuda, Takahiro; Cox, Paris J.; Bouchard, Richard R.; Maekawa, Toru; Kumar, Sakthi; Torti, Suzy V.; Mani, Sendurai A.; Ajayan, Pulickel M. (2013)
      Fluorinated graphene oxide (FGO) is reported for the first time as a magnetically responsive drug carrier that can serve as a MRI and photoacoustic contrast agent, under pre-clinical settings, as well as a photothermal ...
    • Multi-stimuli responsive Cu2S nanocrystals as trimodal imaging and synergistic chemo-photothermal therapy agents 

      Poulose, Aby Cheruvathoor; Veeranarayanan, Srivani; Mohamed, M. Sheikh; Nagaoka, Yutaka; Aburto, Rebeca Romero; Mitcham, Trevor; Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Bouchard, Richard R.; Sakamoto, Yasushi; Yoshida, Yasuhiko; Maekawa, Toru; Kumar, D. Sakthi (2015)
      A size and shape tuned, multifunctional metal chalcogenide, Cu2S-based nanotheranostic agent is developed for trimodal imaging and multimodal therapeutics against brain cancer cells. This theranostic agent was highly ...