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    • Fibulin-2 Is a Driver of Malignant Progression in Lung Adenocarcinoma 

      Baird, Brandi N.; Schliekelman, Mark J.; Ahn, Young-Ho; Chen, Yulong; Roybal, Jonathon D.; Gill, Bartley J.; Mishra, Dhruva K.; Erez, Baruch; OメReilly, Michael; Yang, Yanan; Patel, Mayuri; Liu, Xin; Thilaganathan, Nishan; Larina, Irina V.; Dickinson, Mary E.; West, Jennifer L.; Gibbons, Don L.; Liu, Diane D.; Kim, Min P.; Hicks, John M.; Wistuba, Ignacio I.; Hanash, Samir M.; Kurie, Jonathan M. (2013)
      The extracellular matrix of epithelial tumors undergoes structural remodeling during periods of uncontrolled growth, creating regional heterogeneity and torsional stress. How matrix integrity is maintained in the face of ...
    • Improved Angiogenesis in Response to Localized Delivery of Macrophage-Recruiting Molecules 

      Hsu, Chih-Wei; Poché, Ross A.; Saik, Jennifer E.; Ali, Saniya; Wang, Shang; Yosef, Nejla; Calderon, Gisele A.; Scott, Larry Jr.; Vadakkan, Tegy J.; Larina, Irina V.; West, Jennifer L.; Dickinson, Mary E. (2015)
      Successful engineering of complex organs requires improved methods to promote rapid and stable vascularization of artificial tissue scaffolds. Toward this goal, tissue engineering strategies utilize the release of ...