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    • E-FRP With Priorities 

      Inoue, Jun; Kaiabachev, Roumen; Taha, Walid; Zhu, Angela (2009-07-15)
      E-FRP is declarative language for programming resource-bounded, event-driven systems. Its original high-level semantics requires that each event handler execute atomically. This facilitates reasoning about E-FRP programs, ...
    • Implicitly Heterogeneous Multi-stage Programming 

      Eckhardt, Jason; Kaiabachev, Roumen; Pašalić, Emir; Swadi, Kedar; Taha, Walid (2005-04-16)
      Previous work on semantics-based multi-stage programming (MSP) language design focused on homogeneous languages designs, where the generating and the generated languages are the same. Homogeneous designs simply add a ...