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    • ønix: A Unix Emulator for VAX/VMS 

      Caplinger, Michael (1987-08)
    • λ group: Using Optics to Take Group Data Delivery in the Datacenter to the Next Degree 

      Bergman, Keren; Ng, T. S. Eugene; Sripanidkulchai, Kunwadee; Wang, Howard; Xia, Yiting (2014-02-17)
      The increasing number of datacenter applications with heavy one-to-many communications has raised the need for an efficient group data delivery solution. This paper presents an unconventional clean-slate architecture called ...
    • Untitled 

      Heinkenschloss, Matthias; Nguyen, Hoang (2004-11)
      We develop and analyze a class of overlapping domain decomposition (DD) preconditioners for linear-quadratic elliptic optimal control problems. Our preconditioners utilize the structure of the optimal control problems. ...
    • Untitled 

      Padula, Anthony; Scott, Shannon D.; Symes, William W. (2004-09)
      Object oriented design solves a fundamental programming problem arising in simulation driven optimization: the separation in code of multiple levels of abstraction naturally appearing in solution algorithms for such problems. ...