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    • XMRF: an R package to fit Markov Networks to high-throughput genetics data 

      Wan, Ying-Wooi; Allen, Genevera I; Baker, Yulia; Yang, Eunho; Ravikumar, Pradeep; Anderson, Matthew; Liu, Zhandong (2016)
      Abstract Background Technological advances in medicine have led to a rapid proliferation of high-throughput “omics” data. Tools to mine this data and discover disrupted ...
    • Yield strength dependence on strain rate of molybdenum-alloy nanofibers 

      Loya, P.E.; Xia, Y.Z.; Peng, C.; Bei, H.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, J.; George, E.P.; Gao, Y.F.; Lou, J. (2014)
      The yield strength dependence on strain rate was studied for molybdenum-alloy nanofibers with varying initialᅠdislocationᅠdensity at three different pre-strain levels.ᅠIn-situᅠtensile experiments at three displacement rates ...
    • λ group: Using Optics to Take Group Data Delivery in the Datacenter to the Next Degree 

      Bergman, Keren; Ng, T. S. Eugene; Sripanidkulchai, Kunwadee; Wang, Howard; Xia, Yiting (2014-02-17)
      The increasing number of datacenter applications with heavy one-to-many communications has raised the need for an efficient group data delivery solution. This paper presents an unconventional clean-slate architecture called ...