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    • Coupling the modules of EMT and stemness: A tunable ‘stemness window’ model 

      Jolly, Mohit Kumar; Jia, Dongya; Boareto, Marcelo; Mani, Sendurai A.; Pienta, Kenneth J.; Ben-Jacob, Eshel; Levine, Herbert (2015)
      Metastasis of carcinoma involves migration of tumor cells to distant organs and initiate secondary tumors. Migration requires a complete or partial Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT), and tumor-initiation requires ...
    • Covariant Time Frequency Representations Through Unitary Equivalence 

      Baraniuk, Richard G. (1996-03-01)
      We propose a straightforward characterization of all quadratic time-frequency representations covariant to an important class of unitary signal transforms (namely, those having two continuous-valued parameters and an ...
    • Critical Uncertainties and Gaps in the Environmental- and Social-Impact Assessment of the Proposed Interoceanic Canal through Nicaragua 

      Huete-Pérez, Jorge A.; Ortega-Hegg, Manuel; Urquhart, Gerald R.; Covich, Alan P.; Vammen, Katherine; Rittmann, Bruce E.; Miranda, Julio C.; Espinoza-Corriols, Sergio; Acevedo, Adolfo; Acosta, María L.; Gómez, Juan P.; Brett, Michael T.; Hanemann, Michael; Härer, Andreas; Incer-Barquero, Jaime; Joyce, Frank J.; Lauer, J. Wesley; Maes, Jean Michel; Tomson, Mason B.; Meyer, Axel; Montenegro-Guillén, Salvador; Whitlow, W. Lindsay; Schnoor, Jerald L.; Alvarez, Pedro J.J. (2016)
      The proposed interoceanic canal will connect the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean, traversing Lake Nicaragua, the major freshwater reservoir in Central America. If completed, the canal would be the largest infrastruc ...
    • Cross talk between cytokine and hyperthermia-induced pathways: identification of different subsets of NF-κ B-dependent genes regulated by TNFα and heat shock 

      Janus, Patryk; Stokowy, Tomasz; Jaksik, Roman; Szoltysek, Katarzyna; Handschuh, Luiza; Podkowinski, Jan; Widlak, Wieslawa; Kimmel, Marek; Widlak, Piotr (2015)
      Heat shock inhibits NF-κB signaling, yet the knowledge about its influence on the regulation of NF-κB-dependent genes is limited. Using genomic approaches, i.e., expression microarrays and ChIP-Seq, we aimed to establish ...
    • Cross-Disciplinary Consultancy to Enhance Predictions of Asthma Exacerbation Risk in Boston 

      Reid, Margaret; Gunn, Julia; Shah, Snehal; Donovan, Michael; Eggo, Rosalind; Babin, Steven; Stajner, Ivanka; Rogers, Eric; Ensor, Katherine B.; Raun, Loren; Levy, Jonathan I.; Painter, Ian; Phipatanakul, Wanda; Yip, Fuyuen; Nath, Anjali; Streichert, Laura; Tong, Catherine; Burkom, Howard (2016)
      This paper continues an initiative conducted by the International Society for Disease Surveillance with funding from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to connect near-term analytical needs of public health practice with ...
    • Cross-Linking Amine-Rich Compounds into High Performing Selective CO2 Absorbents 

      Andreoli, Enrico; Dillon, Eoghan P.; Cullum, Laurie; Alemany, Lawrence B.; Barron, Andrew R. (2014)
      Amine-based absorbents play a central role in CO2 sequestration and utilization. Amines react selectively with CO2, but a drawback is the unproductive weight of solvent or support in the absorbent. Efforts have focused on ...
    • A Crowdsourcing Approach to Developing and Assessing Prediction Algorithms for AML Prognosis 

      Noren, David P.; Long, Byron L.; Norel, Raquel; Rrhissorrakrai, Kahn; Hess, Kenneth; Hu, Chenyue Wendy; Bisberg, Alex J.; Schultz, Andre; Engquist, Erik; Liu, Li; Lin, Xihui; Chen, Gregory M.; Xie, Honglei; Hunter, Geoffrey A.M.; Boutros, Paul C.; Stepanov, Oleg; DREAM 9 AML-OPC Consortium; Norman, Thea; Friend, Stephen H.; Stolovitzky, Gustavo; Kornblau, Steven; Qutub, Amina A. (2016)
      Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is a fatal hematological cancer. The genetic abnormalities underlying AML are extremely heterogeneous among patients, making prognosis and treatment selection very difficult. While clinical ...
    • Current trends in robot-assisted upper-limb stroke rehabilitation: promoting patient engagement in therapy 

      Blank, Amy A.; French, James A.; Pehlivan, Ali Utku; O'Malley, Marcia K. (2014)
      Stroke is one of the leading causes of long-term disability today; therefore, many research efforts are focused on designing maximally effective and efficient treatment methods. In particular, robotic stroke rehabilitation ...
    • Curvature Effects on the Optical Transitions of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes 

      Haroz, Erik (2013-07-24)
      Optical transition energies are widely used for providing experimental insight into the electronic band structure of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). While the first and second optical transitions in semiconducting ...
    • A Customized MVA Model for ILP Multiprocessors 

      Sorin, Daniel J.; Vernon, Mary K.; Pai, Vijay S.; Adve, Sarita V.; Wood, David A. (1998-04-20)
      This paper provides the customized MVA equations for an analytical model for evaluating architectural alternatives for shared-memory multiprocessors with processors that aggressively exploit instruction-level parallelism ...
    • Cut-set Theorems for Multi-state Networks 

      Khojastepour, Mohammad; Aazhang, Behnaam; Sabharwal, Ashutosh (2003-10-01)
      We derive new cut-set bounds on the achievable rates in a general multi-terminal network with finite number of states. Multiple states are common in communication networks in the form of multiple channel and nodes' states. ...
    • CVD-grown monolayered MoS2 as an effective photosensor operating at low-voltage 

      Perea-López, Néstor; Lin, Zhong; Pradhan, Nihar R.; Iñiguez-Rábago, Agustín; Elías, Ana Laura; McCreary, Amber; Lou, Jun; Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Terrones, Humberto; Balicas, Luis; Terrones, Mauricio (2014)
      We report the fabrication of a photosensor based on as-grown single crystal monolayers of MoS2synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The measurements were performed using Au/Ti leads in a two terminal configuration ...
    • CW DFB-QCL and EC-QCL based sensor for simultaneous NO and NO2 measurements via frequency modulation multiplexing using multi-pass absorption spectroscopy 

      Yu, Yajun; Sanchez, Nancy P.; Lou, Minhan; Zheng, Chuantao; Wu, Hongpeng; Głuszek, Aleksander K.; Hudzikowski, Arkadiusz J.; Griffin, Robert J.; Tittel, Frank K. (2017)
      Nitrogen oxides (NOx), including nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) play important roles in determining the photochemistry of the ambient atmosphere, controlling the production of tropospheric ozone, affecting ...
    • CW EC-QCL-based sensor for simultaneous detection of H2O, HDO, N2O and CH4ᅠusing multi-pass absorption spectroscopy 

      Yu, Yajun; Sanchez, Nancy P.; Griffin, Robert J.; Tittel, Frank K. (2016)
      A sensor system based on a continuous wave, external-cavity quantum-cascade laser (CW EC-QCL) was demonstrated for simultaneous detection of atmospheric H2O, HDO, N2O and CH4using a compact, dense pattern multi-pass gas ...
    • Cyclic spreading codes for CDMA systems 

      Lu, Jin; Aazhang, Behnaam (1997-10-20)
      In this paper, we propose a CDMA system using cyclic convolutional matched filter. The multiple access interference in this system is small under arbitrary relative delays
    • Cytoplasmic sphingosine-1-phosphate pathway modulates neuronal autophagy 

      Manchon, Jose Felix Moruno; Uzor, Ndidi-Ese; Dabaghian, Yuri; Furr-Stimming, Erin E.; Finkbeiner, Steven; Tsvetkov, Andrey S. (2015)
      Autophagy is an important homeostatic mechanism that eliminates long-lived proteins, protein aggregates and damaged organelles. Its dysregulation is involved in many neurodegenerative disorders. Autophagy is therefore a ...
    • Cytotoxicity and variant cellular internalization behavior of water-soluble sulfonated nanographene sheets in liver cancer cells 

      Corr, Stuart J.; Raoof, Mustafa; Cisneros, Brandon T.; Kuznetsov, Oleksandr; Massey, Katheryn; Kaluarachchi, Warna D.; Cheney, Matthew A.; Billups, Edward W.; Wilson, Lon J.; Curley, Steven A. (2013)
      Highly exfoliated sulfonated graphene sheets (SGSs), an alternative to graphene oxide and graphene derivatives, were synthesized, characterized, and applied to liver cancer cells in vitro. Cytotoxicity profiles were obtained ...
    • Data Collection by a Mobile Observer in a Single-hop Sensor Network 

      Chakrabarti, Arnab; Sabharwal, Ashutosh; Aazhang, Behnaam (2005-01-15)
      In this paper, we demonstrate significant reduction in communication power by using a mobile observer to collect data from a wireless single-hop network of static sensors. The key challenge in using a mobile observer is ...
    • Data Compression in Base Transceiver Systems 

      Vosoughi, Aida; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Wu, Michael (2012-10)